Poem: Negative Space

Writing is how I survive emotionally and intellectually. It is a tool used to help make sense of the experience in the world and least anchor myself into a safe space. Here is another poem from a book composed of poems and letters composed during pregnancy and that I continue to contribute to today. The poem is entitled “Negative Space.” Negative space is the space that surrounds an object in an image. The negative space and the object become interdependent in conveying an image. They both form the balance in an image. During pregnancy, this idea resonated with me; cells and the womb, a being and its mother living and growing together in their respective but complementary ways. This illustration formed by mother and child, of space and growth form the theme of Life.

Negative Space
The irony of the woman;
She, with her God, grow a Life
And for a lifetime live a love too strong.
The strength of a woman;
To witness that Life at a distance,
To be stronger than an attached Love
So that
Life may grow
Into itself.


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A Cesarean Scar, A Lifeline

LifeLine – This Scar Stays

It is the space of transition; from womb to the world. It is a door, an entrance through which a being enters the world, his path. His path has and shall further intertwine with countless paths of others, with places and spaces, experiences and memories. This line, this scar, this formation of fibrous connective tissue is the most meaningful space on my body, behind it a lifetime began. It is a lifeline. Continue reading


Poem : A Giant at Two Feet



…to carry another human being, that process of pregnancy  is such a multi-dimensional experience involving the environment, the body, the emotions of your mind, your intellect and in learning to love, a spiritual endeavour as well and Life. Writing became a grounding tool during pregnancy.Letters were written to Rocky as well as poems and perceptions of some experiences during pregnancy. I continue to write to this day and it proves still, to be a grounding tool. Maybe it can be that for you…


A Giant at Two Feet

You lift a finger.

You curl the ends of your lips.

Your knees grace the earth.

You gaze to find the moon.

You take a step







Life may not be simple, but it should be simplified


Let’s define our terms, shall we? This helps us get and remain on the same page simply because we should know what we talk about. We may hear words like Yoga all the time for example but when asked what it is we may start with, “ummmm, errr…” Continue reading


Namaste, From BhaktaMama

Namaste and Welcome

As we rise and fall on the mat, moving through the undulations of asanas so too do we experience the ups and downs of Life. This is an honest space of sharing; a little contribution in uncovering the path to the union of body, head, heart, and Spirit. Continue reading