Would we really change our children?

I was first bewildered and enchanted by the movie Ruby Sparks five years ago. It was on last night…Ruby Sparks is one of my favorite movies. In its essence, it conveys two truths. One, that our desires are endless and we must come to terms with that. Endless. Really. We think we want a particular person with their according nature and give us about a year and there is a list of things we would change about that very person. Two, that true love is being present to what makes up a person and learning to love everything, every thing that someone is. The movie is relevant to the romantic and the realist. This time, the movie speaks to me as a mother. Continue reading


Life may not be simple, but it should be simplified


Let’s define our terms, shall we? This helps us get and remain on the same page simply because we should know what we talk about. We may hear words like Yoga all the time for example but when asked what it is we may start with, “ummmm, errr…” Continue reading