Standing Posture

English: Mountain Pose

Sanskrit: Tadasana also called Samasthiti

Tada means mountain Sama means unmoved Sthiti means steadiness

Stand strong, steady and unmovable just as the mountain does. It is unperturbed by the happenings around it – whether storm or shine. As we stand in Tadasana we are reminded of this inherent strength, stability and steadfastness within. We are reminded that we too can remain calm even though we are within the storm, calm even though the sun shines brightly upon us all the while we focus on our higher Self.


  • Feet together or slightly apart if you feel steadier, or have lower back or knee stiffness
  • Spread the toes, really connect to your mat, to earth with each entire foot – toes, inner and outer edges, heels.
  • Close your eyes
  • Start with the soles of the feet – gently rock your weight back and forth until you find the weight of your entire body balanced, evenly resting on your feet.
  • Open your eyes, gentle drishti
  • A slight bend in the knees will activate the legs
  • Then slowly straighten knees pulling knee-caps upwards towards the thighs
  • Knees over ankles, hips over the knees
  • Tuck the tailbone under just until your abdomen engages
  • Gently lift the chest
  • Shoulders are soft, away from the ears
  • Arms relaxed and beside the body palms facing toward the thighs
  • Chin drawn slightly toward the throat, throat is relaxed
  • Connect to Ujayi breathe

This is Tadasana


Anatomy of Tadasana – Basic Joint Positions

  • The knees extend
  • The hips are neutral
  • The shoulders adduct in Tadasana
  • The shoulders flex in Urdhva Hastasana
  • The elbows extend
  • The cervical spine is neutral in Tadasana
  • The cervical spine extends in Urdhva Hastasana Upward salute
  • The shoulder blades adduct and depress slightly


Standing correctly, not only in Tadasana but generally distributes weight evenly over the feet. This has a positive effect on spinal health.

“Even if the feet are kept apart, it is better to keep the heel and toe in a line parallel to the median plane and not at an angle…the hips are (then) contracted, the abdomen pulled is pulled I and the chest is brought forward.”


The Conscious Parenting Experience

                   The conscious parent? Well, conscious of what? Unconscious of what?                   The path to becoming conscious of who I authentically am; my purpose, my values, my worldview, my head and my heart, my boundaries and what I want to share with the world so that I can use those instruments and qualities to connect to my child helping him discover, facilitate all that he is. This is what makes the connection between child and parent spiritual; a connection of service and sacrifice. It is how two beings grow, independently yet together. Continue reading


Poem: Negative Space

Writing is how I survive emotionally and intellectually. It is a tool used to help make sense of the experience in the world and least anchor myself into a safe space. Here is another poem from a book composed of poems and letters composed during pregnancy and that I continue to contribute to today. The poem is entitled “Negative Space.” Negative space is the space that surrounds an object in an image. The negative space and the object become interdependent in conveying an image. They both form the balance in an image. During pregnancy, this idea resonated with me; cells and the womb, a being and its mother living and growing together in their respective but complementary ways. This illustration formed by mother and child, of space and growth form the theme of Life.

Negative Space
The irony of the woman;
She, with her God, grow a Life
And for a lifetime live a love too strong.
The strength of a woman;
To witness that Life at a distance,
To be stronger than an attached Love
So that
Life may grow
Into itself.


Continue reading


Ditch Your Cleanser, Try Beauty Sleeping with Potatoes!

wThe skin is an organ, it is the largest organ endowed to us.  Best we take care of it and use as close to “natural” ingredients as possible rather than a lather of chemicals. After trying many, many different cleansers and wondering exactly what those long words with numbers really mean on the ingredients list I have ditched store-bought cleansers and have found a nourishing alternative! The humble potato! The natural and bio-degradable ingredient for skincare! Continue reading


A Cesarean Scar, A Lifeline

LifeLine – This Scar Stays

It is the space of transition; from womb to the world. It is a door, an entrance through which a being enters the world, his path. His path has and shall further intertwine with countless paths of others, with places and spaces, experiences and memories. This line, this scar, this formation of fibrous connective tissue is the most meaningful space on my body, behind it a lifetime began. It is a lifeline. Continue reading


5 Days of Recipes : When cooking for the Vegetarian among Omnivores

It has become quite common in contemporary society that within a household lives a vegetarian among omnivores. It becomes time-consuming to cook separate meals for both “eaters” and so here are some recipes for lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday, to which meat can be added.  I have included a day of veganism and a day of vegetarianism to allow the digestive system to “breathe.” The aim is to eat mostly in an Ayurvedic way and the go-to recipes are from Anjum Anand. The other recipes include my own, from The Yoga Kitchen from other cuisines.  Continue reading