I should have just Sunblocked!

So, after a dermatologist visit, I was told something that made me roll my eyes at myself. So after many years after of sun exposure and especially those almost two years in the village of Malavli, India studying philosophy – learning about the fire and light of self-knowledge – and post-baba hormones coupled with sun exposure I ended up with melasma and rosacea. Seriously, the fundamental skincare step if it is the only one is SUNBLOCK! So, I remember the Baz Luhrmann song entitled “Sunblock” and the rest of the advice is just as on point. Continue reading


Birth to Grandmotherhood: Childrearing In Human Evolution

Reblog from UCTV University of California Television

They are the most precious product of humanity. Like all living things, they are why, at the most fundamental level, we exist — offspring. They are why a few thousand individuals spread out of Africa so many eons ago, and why we eventually populated every habitable environment on the planet.

So this time around, CARTA, The Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny asked, what role does childrearing have in making us human? Continue reading


What We Learn Before We Are Born

An incredibly interesting TED talk on how learning, actually begins in the womb…
Annie Murphy Paul investigates how life in the womb shapes who we become.

Pop quiz: When does learning begin? Answer: Before we are born. Science writer Annie Murphy Paul talks through new research that shows how much we learn in the womb — from the list of our native language to our soon-to-be-favorite foods. Her book is entitled “Origins” Continue reading


Spirulina, I love you

If, like me, you find pleasure walking the supplements aisle in awe – a kid in a candy shop- buying fancy bottled promise-filled-magic-pills then take them for a couple days and forget about them (until they have expired and they are tossed into the bin) then do read on. I tossed all my supplements and now just pop the green power of Spirulina! Continue reading


Still, The People’s Princess

I remember the day clearly. So many hearts around the world gasped; in different time zones but all at once and Time held its breath. The Princess’s life had come to an end. My mother was crying and I could not understand why because, my mother had never met her.

Upon becoming a mother she has come to mind often and I have developed a slow and steady fascination with Diana. I have begun to understand how powerful and intelligent Diana was. She was…is the role model that we can only hope will live on for generations to come, she is after all a timeless human being. Her elegance, her vulnerabilities, her philanthropic endeavors and the love for her sons and for people. Among our Instagram and Facebook worlds, much sifting is necessary to find those that emulate the caliber of person she was. Continue reading