Namaste and Welcome

Illustrations of life found here!

Human Being.Woman.Daughter.Sister.Wife.Mother. Seeker & Lover of Wisdom.

As I rise and fall on my mat, moving through the undulations of asanas so too do I  experience the ups and downs of Life. This is an honest space of sharing; sharing experiences of Motherhood, the expedition of self-development through the principles of Vedanta, refinement of asanas on the mat and discovering the science of health through Ayurveda. I hope this space serves a purpose to you on your expedition through life in some meaningful way.

            By vocation, I am a socio-cultural anthropologist however my sole subject matter this past while has been my son, Rocky. He has been and is my greatest teacher, my Guru since the womb-home. I have cultivated a love for mamas and in sharing my experiences I hope some mama somewhere feels a little more understood, a little more supported and incredibly loved. Bhakta in Sanskrit means devotee. Mama, well that refers to that feminine Grace – mother nature, mother earth, giver of life, womb and the like. Motherhood is no easy feat and so I am always learning from people, books, experiences – anyone and anywhere that hold a lesson. Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s body of knowledge on Conscious Parenting provides the context of my parenting modus operandi. I hope to share ways in which we can find the time to take care of ourselves – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.Swami Parthasarathy’s life-work forms the primary sources of exploration of the philosophy of Vedanta which I strive to implement in life.

Welcome to my hive, my pen, and paper, my kitchen, my head, and heart.

  May we learn together!


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