Spirulina, I love you

If, like me, you find pleasure walking the supplements aisle in awe – a kid in a candy shop- buying fancy bottled promise-filled-magic-pills then take them for a couple days and forget about them (until they have expired and they are tossed into the bin) then do read on. I tossed all my supplements and now just pop the green power of Spirulina!

The benefits of spirulina are quite astounding. Yes, it is an algae and has peculiar but I have my tablets with real deal orange or carrot juice and it helps. It takes just a couple seconds to take the tablets and the taste does not linger. It is all so worth it! a but a superfood algae and I just down my tablets with orange juice and it really doesn’t taste that bad anymore.

To find out more about this superalgae check this out!

I switch between Marcus Rohrer and The Real Thing Green Power Powder

Enjoy and live well






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