Poem:Shapes of Life

The Shapes of Life

You are here.

A gram of Life on a screen;


A welcomed, joyous, bustling dot,

    Beginning your

 Constellation- creation in this dark warm womb-night.

Join your dots

How you choose,

In this world

and the one you will be born into.

Quite simply though,

In the sky of my life,

You are Polaris.

You may find yourself looking at your child and wandering to the past. Thinking of a particular sonogram watching some fantastic gymnastics, or the first word or just observing them do something magnificently mundane. Rocky is 2 and a half years old and it is definitely a fun time. It is also a challenging age for us as he realizes the strength of his tenacity. In times when the intensity of his emotion is on display and I just have no idea what to do, it has been helpful at times to take a deep breath amidst the chaos. I find a time and space to just remember how tiny he was bouncing around in my tummy and how I waited and waited to meet him. I remember being in the operating theatre with his dad beside me. With my father, mother and brother in the waiting room knowing all of our lives were going to change in a miraculous way. I remember my 30th birthday and this picture. These moments seem to energize me and remind me that being a mom is exactly what I want to be and in my heart I know, even in the chaos there is nowhere else and no one else I would rather be and be with.

 As a parent, you’re in it for the long haul; for all the shapes and sounds of Life. For the hugs and the throwing of things maybe even at you. For the “I love you” and the “NO! I will not!” and everything in-between.

In a burst of appreciation, this poem was formed.






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