The Conscious Parenting Experience

The conscious parent? Well, conscious of what? Unconscious of what?                              The path to becoming conscious of who I authentically am; my purpose, my values, my worldview, my head and my heart, my boundaries and what I want to share with the world so that I can use those instruments and qualities to connect to my child helping him discover, facilitate all that he is. This is what makes the connection between child and parent spiritual; a connection of service and sacrifice. It is how two beings grow, independently yet together.

To me, that is one side of the process; becoming. The other side is unbecoming this mechanical, conditioned being that just goes on unquestioned rules and procedures on how to raise a child to be “productive” in society. This conditioning that goes on an unquestioned hierarchy of child-parent, dominator-dominated. That to me is a disempowering process. That process is not what I am authentically about, and it is definitely not a process I want my son or any child to be a victim of.

I hope to share more with you on this path, this process of becoming and unbecoming as I have graciously been accepted into the Consciously Parenting Training Program.

It is an honor to be a part of Rebecca Thompson Hitt’s program beginning 24th July 2017. It is a two-year program for us to explore, understand and strengthen family relationships and connect with like-minded people. In Rebecca’s words ” We’ll be exploring and learning together, supporting one another to understand ourselves and each of our family members better so we can connect in new ways.”

I am so excited to one day be a certified Consciously Parenting Educator and to continue the conscious parenting movement with Rebecca’s expertise. I truly hope that every single person finds the path that aligns to your magnificence, your purpose and who you truly are. That is a prayer for today and every day; that we find our place in the world and do our best. Namaste.









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