wThe skin is an organ, it is the largest organ endowed to us.  Best we take care of it and use as close to “natural” ingredients as possible rather than a lather of chemicals. After trying many, many different cleansers and wondering exactly what those long words with numbers really mean on the ingredients list I have ditched store-bought cleansers and have found a nourishing alternative! The humble potato! The natural and bio-degradable ingredient for skincare!

I have combination, sensitized skin from years and years of trying far too many cleansers and products. This potato-juice-wonder-cleanser should work for most skin types.

Yes, you will have to make it weekly but it is totally worth it. Yes, best you store it in the fridge and set a reminder on your phone to take it out, keep it somewhere visible to take it along to the shower or someone can just pass it to you right? “Bring my potato juice to the bathroom!”  Yes, you still have to use a highly protective sunblock in the mornings.


  • Half a medium sized potato, peeled or if unpeeled wash thoroughly and you can use leftover uncooked potatoes and peels
  • a squeeze of lemon juice (avoid lemon juice during the very sunny months, if you have sensitive or sensitized skin leave out the lemon juice and use aloe vera juice)
  • a smidge of good quality real deal coconut butter (oil) – Skip this if you have oily skin and use a drop of tea tree oil instead (optional)
  • A touch of good quality turmeric (optional)

So blitz all the ingredients until it is quite fine and that’s it. You can strain the pulp if you prefer. The main point is to get all the goodness of the potato juice.

Simply massage onto the skin whilst in the shower, leave for a minute or two and gently wipe off with a face cloth. After your shower use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to the skin overnight.

  • By the way, your skin will not feel squeaky clean afterward…it’s not actually supposed to but you can use cucumber juice and a cotton ball in a circular massaging action a couple times a week too
  • You can store this is a glass container or plastic and store in the fridge.
  • In most cases, it may be best to wash facial skin once a day – just at night. In the morning you can wash facial skin with some water and a clean facecloth if need be. Try it maybe.
  • Please do a sensitivity test on your wrist first and wait 24 hours.

For amazing benefits of the humble potato – both eaten and used for the skin check out the link to The Plant Journal – Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies






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