An Ayurvedic Secret to Effervescent Health

So, getting back to the basics of good health is integral to why I started a blog. When it comes to good health practices the right knowledge and simplicity are key.   There is a feeling you’re going to roll your eyes when this “secret” is revealed but I urge you to read on! I truly believe that mastering this art can contribute to good health.

What is the secret? Okay okay, so the secret is… water. Yes, I know we’ve heard this an inexhaustible number of times but you promised to read on. You did.

 So, according to Ayurveda there really is an art to drinking water. Mastering this art is a considerable contributive factor to good health. We spend much time, money, effort correcting the wrongs of not mastering this art and so why not spend some time making the ritual of water-drinking part of the day helping avoid, what can be avoided.

An Ayurvedic Secret to Effervescent Health: 

  1. Water should be of good quality, filtered or from an eco-friendly spring. Why?  If we are consuming litres of water a day, seems sensible to opt for a safer option. SA tap water not being cleaned properly: Experts
  2. Water should be tepid, warm or hot. As much as possible avoid cold water and avoid ice. Why? This has to do with respecting your agni, your digestive fire. Cold water and ice act to “douse” your digestive fire.
  3. Water should be sipped on. Gradual consumption rather than gulps at a time. Why? This has to do with improved filtration of water by the kidneys and absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.
  4. According to Ayurveda learn to tune into the urge of drinking when thirsty. Alternatively0.033ml per a kilogram can help keep track of how much water one would require. Why? So, there are various factors that contribute to the idea of enough water. In the meantime whilst we tune into our urges and what the body is trying to tell us, the 0.033ml per a kg seems a worthwhile route.
  5. Drink water in between meals and keep drinking liquids during meals to a minimal. Drinking water or another liquid during your meal dilutes digestive enzymes and stomach acids. This hinders the digestion process. Best to chew more, so more saliva is secreted. If need be drink tepid/warm/hot water minimally.
  6. Drink water twenty minutes before you consume food and wait at least an hour after a meal to consume water. Why? The rule regarding the stomach and digestion in Ayurveda is  Fill 50% with food, 25% with water, and leave 25% empty for digestive action.

The experiment is to try the above as best you can for seven days…try your best. I truly hope this helps in the search for good health and vigor.



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