Parenting, a Herculean Task


“I cannot wait to have a baby! It looks so fun! I see your Instagram and Facebook posts and Motherhood looks so fun, so fulfilling!”

So, this blog was partly initiated by hearing these lines a considerable number of times (said innocently of course). It seems necessary to shed some light on the entire picture of parenthood.

There is a true magnificence in witnessing another human being’s life unfold, after all, we are the facilitators of a human being growing into itself. It is a big deal.

 Yes, parenthood does include cuddles, the first word, the first step but it also includes moments which you may not often find in a Facebook or Instagram feed. I laughed the other day telling a friend I haven’t slept properly in two years…ah, the pros and cons of co-sleeping! Said more seriously, no image can capture the constant concern a mother feels for her cub – for his safety, his well-being, his heart and her hope that duties to him are always performed to her best ability…and making peace with her best.

Parenting is a Herculean task. To help contribute to the creation of another Life, to take care of another being – it is the biggest decision one can make. To hope to do the most right thing at the right time seems an almost impossible task but we as parents do our best and try every day to be prepared for something that you can never be prepared enough for.  That’s parenting.

So, this space; this blog

Is a no-judge-zone. Whatever may probe us to place judgment on other parents with questionable intention…well, I question that tendency and its purpose. What a waste of treasurable energy and time. Some moms have asked if being a breastfeeding mom has made mothering more “taxing” or more rewarding. To which the answer is an emphatic “No.” Being a parent is a process of refinement and challenging whether you are a breastfeeding mom or not, whether you have a nanny or not, whether your baby sleeps well at night or not, whether your baby eats well or is a “fussy” eater, whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom or a stay-at-home-mom-working-from-home. The point is, the extroverted thought of another parent’s experience with the intention to judge in order to make ourselves feel better is placeless here.

 Is a no-vent-zone. I hope parents find constructive outlets to avoid feeling frustrated. Feelings and thoughts are shared on this blog but with the purpose to help overcome, with some grace the hurdles of parenthood. What is shared here stems from reflection, not frustration.

The priority of this space is to serve as a place of support, understanding, and community for parents and others connected to little beings. After all, if there is one lesson I have learned as a socio-cultural anthropologist it is that the family unit is the most important social unit that exists. If we want to create harmony in our community, in the world, we must start with your family.





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